Aerodynamic Roof Boxes

Aerodynamic Roof Boxes: Maximize Your Vehicle’s Performance And Fuel Efficiency

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Have you ever wished for extra storage space in your car during those long road trips? Well, guess what? Aerodynamic roof boxes are here to save the day!

They’re not just cool looking; they also don’t affect your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency as much as some other models. So, if you want to feel like a part of the smart traveler club and enjoy all its perks, keep reading!

Using one of these stylish roof boxes makes sure that you don’t have to stuff everything inside the car – giving both you and your passengers more room to breathe. Plus, did we mention how amazing these bad boys look on top of your car?

You’ll be turning heads wherever you go while saving money at the gas pump. Win-win situation!

Overview Of Roof Boxes

Roof boxes: sleek, stylish, and practical. Rooftop cargo carriers are a must-have for every road trip enthusiast.

When it comes to maximizing your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, aerodynamic roof cargo boxes are the way to go. These rooftop storage solutions not only provide extra space for all your belongings but also don’t have as much effect on your mpg figure.

Choosing the best rooftop cargo box can be an exciting process as you explore various options available in the market. These days most of the best roof cargo boxes are easy to install.

With these aerodynamic cargo boxes, road trips become more enjoyable as your vehicle glides smoothly on highways without compromising on fuel consumption or speed because of its streamlined design. So embark on new adventures and create unforgettable memories with friends and family by selecting your new storage solution with aerodynamics in mind.

Save Fuel With The Right Roof Box
Save Fuel With The Right Roof Box

Benefits Of An Aerodynamic Roof Box

Have you ever thought about the benefits of a roof box with a more aerodynamic shape?

It’s not just a cool-looking accessory for your car, but it can actually help improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency when compared to one of the more boxy types.

That means you’ll save money on gas and have more fun driving around with all your stuff safely stored in the sleek rooftop carrier.

So why should you choose an aerodynamic model over other options?

The main reason is that they’re designed to maximize airflow around your car, which helps reduce air resistance or drag.

This ultimately leads to better fuel efficiency and a smoother ride.

Plus, when people see how stylish and efficient your car looks with its new roof box, they’ll want one too!

So go ahead and join the club – enjoy the many benefits of a roof box while making others jealous at the same time.

What To Look For In An Aerodynamic Roof Box

You’ll want to select the perfect match for your vehicle that not only looks great but also enhances performance and fuel efficiency.

When scouting for an aerodynamic cargo box, keep three key aspects in mind:

  1. Aerodynamic Design: The shape is everything! Choose a roof box with a sleek, streamlined design that reduces air drag as you drive. This will help improve your vehicle’s performance while maintaining fuel efficiency.
  2. Compatibility: Make sure the roof box fits your car perfectly–a poorly fitted accessory can negatively impact both aesthetics and functionality. Check if it’s compatible with your vehicle’s make, model, and mounting system.
  3. Capacity & Durability: Consider how much storage space you need for all those road trip essentials without compromising on durability. A sturdy yet lightweight material will ensure long-lasting use without adding excessive weight to your vehicle.

Remember, investing in an aerodynamic design means choosing a travel buddy that understands your desire for adventure while prioritizing practicality and style. So pick one that complements your vehicle’s appearance and elevates its capabilities, transforming every journey into a smooth-sailing experience filled with memories waiting to be made.

Best Roof Top Cargo Boxes Of 2023

Thule Vector

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency, look no further than Thule Vector roof box. These sleek, stylish cargo carriers not only enhance the appearance of modern vehicles but also provide ample space for skis, snowboards, and other gear. With features like dual-side opening and closing, motion-activated LED lights, and a premium felt-lined interior base, the Thule Vector is perfect for your next adventure.

What makes this roof box stand out from the rest? Check out these amazing features in the table below:

Aerodynamic DesignImproves vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency
Dual-Side OpeningEasy access to your gear from both sides
SlideLock SystemLocks lid securely in place and shows when box is closed
PowerClick Quick-Mount SystemFast and secure installation
Premium Interior with Built-in LED LightsProtects gear while providing visibility during nighttime use
Features of the Thule Vector Roof Box
Thule boxes compared

So why wait any longer? Experience the many benefits that come along with owning one of these fantastic roof boxes today! You’ll love how easy it is to install, load up your gear, and hit the road knowing that everything inside will be safe and sound. Plus, you’ll enjoy improved fuel efficiency as well as better overall vehicle performance on all your journeys. Don’t miss out – upgrade to a Thule Vector rooftop carrier now!

You might prefer the Motion or Force models.

top pick

Amazon Product Image Thule Vector

Thule Vector

  • Sleek, aerodynamic cargo box with premium features
  • Fits 3-5 pairs of skis (up to 200 cm in length)/3-4 snowboards
  • Premium felt-lined interior base for increased protection
  • Bright, motion-activated LED lights and white interior for nighttime visibility
  • Exclusive flush-mount closure and reinforced lid for effortless dual-side opening and closing
  • Thule SlideLock system automatically locks the lid and shows box is closed securely
  • Installs in minutes with tool-free, quick-mount system
  • Included Thule Box Lid Cover for scratch and dust protection
  • External Dimensions: 91 x 35 x 12.5 inches; Internal Dimensions: 80.5 x 25.2 x 11 inches
  • Load Capacity: 165 lbs; Weight: 65.9 lbs


The INNO Wedge 660 is the perfect choice for people who want to make their car look stylish and elegant while also improving its performance.

Well-designed roof boxes like this one can help you get better fuel efficiency, which means you’ll save money on gas every time you drive. Plus, your vehicle will be able to go faster and handle better with less wind resistance.

Imagine going on a road trip or family vacation with all of your gear packed securely in an aerodynamic cargo box that keeps everything safe and sound. With this Cargo Box, you can fit 6-8 skis or 4 snowboards, making it easier than ever to bring along everyone’s favorite outdoor equipment.

Your friends and family will love being part of such a cool group! So why wait? Upgrade your vehicle’s performance today with the INNO BRM660WH Wedge, and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer!

If you are into your winter sports then this could be the model for you.

also great

Amazon Product Image Inno Wedge


  • Quick and easy memory mount hardware
  • Diffuser design for quieter drive
  • Dual side opening
  • Durable 3-layer sheet
  • INNO BRM660WH Wedge Cargo Box – 11 Cubic FT Holds 6-8 Skis or 4 Snowboards (Gloss White) – Available in Black and White
  • Aerodynamic design giving your vehicle a stylish/elegant appearance and creating a superior noise reduction
  • Spm Injection process provides uniform thickness throughout, up to 50% stronger than conventional vacuum forming.

Yakima Skybox Carbonite

Moving on from the INNO Wedge, let’s explore another fantastic option for maximizing your vehicle’s performance and fuel efficiency.

Did you know that choosing the right roof box can actually improve gas mileage by up to 10% compared to less sleek models? That’s right!

By choosing a cargo box with the right features, you’ll not only look stylish but also enjoy some cost savings at the pump.

One of the top aerodynamic options available today is the Yakima SkyBox Carbonite.

This incredible cargo box has been designed specifically to enhance your vehicle’s performance while providing ample space for all your gear.

The tapered, textured lid reduces drag and wind noise, making it one of the best choices out there if you’re looking to upgrade both style and function.

Plus, its dual-sided opening allows easy access from either side of your car – perfect for those spontaneous road trips with friends or family.

So go ahead and make room in your life (and your car) for more adventure with an aerodynamic roof box like the Yakima SkyBox Carbonite!

ALSO great

Amazon Product Image Yakima Skybox Carbonite

Yakima Skybox Carbonite

-Fits gear for up to 3 people and is roomy enough for skis and snowboards up to 215 cm
-Tapered, aerodynamic design with textured lid (made from up to 80% recycled material!) reduces drag, wind noise and hatch interference
-Internal lid stiffeners add durability and make it easy to open and close
-Dual-sided opening allows you to access your gear from either side of your vehicle
-SuperLatch secures the lid to the base, keeping your gear safe and sound
-Includes SKS (Same Key System) Locks for extra peace of mind
-Fits Yakima round, square, factory and aerodynamic bars
-Requires a crossbar spread between 24 in and 42 in
-Tool-free installation with no assembly required

Goplus Cargo Box

Looking for a slightly cheaper option than Thule and Yakima? Look no further than the Goplus Cargo Box, one of the best aerodynamic roof boxes on the market.

It not only provides extra storage space for all your road trip essentials but also improves your car’s overall performance by reducing drag and noise. You’ll be able to pack everything you need without sacrificing passenger comfort or giving up precious trunk space.

Imagine taking this sleek, stylish cargo box with you on all your adventures – from beach trips to camping excursions! The Goplus Cargo Box is designed to fit a variety of vehicles including cars, vans, and SUVs.

Plus, it’s made from high-quality ABS and PC material that can withstand different weather conditions while keeping your belongings safe and secure.

  • Aerodynamic design reduces drag and noise
  • 14 cubic feet of storage capacity
  • Easy dual-sided opening for convenient access
  • Secure double-lock system with two keys included
  • Compatible with most vehicle racks

With its robust construction and versatile compatibility, the Goplus Cargo Box makes an excellent addition to any road trip enthusiast’s gear collection.

So go ahead—pack more fun into your next trip by investing in a cutting-edge rooftop box that enhances both vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. Your future self will thank you for making such a smart decision!

also great

Amazon Product Image Yakima Goplus box

Goplus Cargo Box

  • 14 Cubic Feet Cargo Box with Car Trunk Organizer – large capacity to securely carry 14 cubic feet of essentials, can increase vehicle cargo space without impeding on passenger comfort
  • Robust and Security Design – designed to withstand heavy use in different types of weather conditions, metal lid stiffeners and double-lock design for protection
  • Suitable for vehicles with rack (Compatible with 17” to 22.8” wide rack, width of crossbar should be less than 3.1 inches and thickness should be less than 1.0 inches)
  • High Quality Material – manufactured from sturdy ABS and PC material for long-lasting use, able to protect your valuables from exposure to the elements and can load 165 lbs capacity
  • Easy to Install – equipped with 4 quick connect anchors for easy install, super latch security ensures lid secure to its base, dual-sided opening for easy access on either side of your vehicle

Other Cargo Boxes On The Market To Consider

Thule is without doubt one of the most popular choices for buyers of cargo roof boxes. Both the Thule Force XT and Thule Motion XT offer a streamlined design with plenty of storage space for your car roof.

You always need to double-check the compatibility of your roof rack and cargo box to make sure they will work together.

Aerodynamic Roof Boxes: Conclusion

Adding a roof box to your vehicle might be the only way to fit all your passengers and gear for your trip. Opting for an aerodynamic one should help keep your fuel costs down though. With the way that costs have risen in the last few years that’s got to help!

Happy travels!

If you have decided to go for the largest cargo carrier you can find then check out this post on large roof boxes.

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