Can I Get A White Roof Cargo Box For My Car

Can I Get A White Roof Cargo Box For My Car?

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Amazon Product Image Inno

Inno Wedge

  • sleek, low profile
  • 11 ft³ capacity
  • Load capacity of 110lbs


You have a problem. Your car is white and you need to add a roof box for some extra storage for your upcoming trip. Unfortunately, every rooftop cargo box you look at seems to be black or grey. You begin to wonder whether it’s possible to find a box that will match the color of your vehicle. 

I have some good news for you. Although your options will be a little bit limited you may be able to find a roof cargo box in white.

Unfortunately, it would appear that neither Thule or Yakima currently have any models in white although they have done in the past as shown in this video.

White Thule Motion Cargo Box

Perhaps we will see a wider range once the global supply shortage eases.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options.

Cargo Boxes Available In White

If you’re looking for a low-profile cargo box then the Inno Wedge may fit the bill.

Inno Wedge Roof Cargo Box

If you’d prefer to go for a low-profile solution then obviously you’ll be sacrificing the amount of available storage space. However, this particular model does still give you up to 11 cubic feet to play with. This rooftop cargo carrier sits just 9.6 inches above your roof bars!

Made from high-quality ABS plastic this should stand up to all weathers and its low-profile aerodynamic design should minimize the effect on your fuel economy. Don’t forget that even crossbars will increase your fuel consumption! The aerodynamic design should also mean less chance of any additional wind noise while you’re driving.

Amazon Product Image Inno

The box features a dual-sided opening and is ideal for snow seekers with a capacity of up to four snowboards or as many as eight pairs of skis.

This Japanese-made box has internal straps to help you keep everything secure on your journey.

The load capacity of this model is 110 lbs or 50 kg which is a little lower than some but don’t forget to check the maximum load capacity for your vehicle. The larger 14 cubic foot model appears to be unavailable at present.

If you are looking for the best value for money then the Goplus cargo box should be your choice.

Goplus Cargo Box

With a 14 ft³ capacity and a load capacity of up to 165 lbs this box should be suitable for many users. Like the Inno Wedge it features dual-sided opening which I think really should be expected at this price point.

Manufactured from sturdy ABS plastic this cargo carrier should protect your valuables from the elements during your trip. The additional metal lid stiffeners should add stability as well. It will fit a wide variety of roof bars so should be easy to fit.

Amazon Product Image goplus

To protect your cargo the box is fitted with a double lock design and the keys can only be removed once the lid is closed and locked.

Quite a lightweight cargo carrier so should be reasonably easy to fit and remove when not needed. The mounting system should be compatible with the majority of roof racks.

Most purchasers of this particular model seem very pleased although a few have mentioned that it is not especially well packaged for delivery which led to the box having superficial damage.

As with many other white cargo boxes, there appear to be severe shortages of stock.

If you are reading this from the UK then you might want to take a look at a lesser-known brand called MP Essential.

MP Essential Menabo M-Way 400l

This is one of those rare boxes that is actually in stock at the moment (Dec 2021). Available in three different colors, this particular carrier seems to be excellent value for money.

Its 400 L capacity is equivalent to a little over 14 ft³ so it should be large enough for a wide range of people. The Menabo’s aerodynamic design means it shouldn’t affect the amount of fuel you use too greatly. It should also be pretty quiet whilst you’re driving if you fit it correctly.

Amazon Product Image menabo

There are a number of predrilled holes to suit a wide variety of vehicles and roof bars and it can be fitted without the need for any tools. Although this is pretty much standard these days.

The box is constructed of ABS plastic and even features a “roll bar” to protect your belongings in the event of a collision. To be honest I’m not sure how much protection that is likely to offer though.

You can carry up to 110 lbs of cargo in this model. There is also a 320l (11 ft³) version. Although this doesn’t appear to be available in white at the moment

Can I Get A White Roof Cargo Box: Conclusion

Supply chain issues caused by the pandemic appear to be affecting roof cargo box manufacturers particularly badly and it is difficult to find any models in stock. If you have your heart set on a white roof box then you may have to face up to the fact that you might not be able to get one for some time yet!

Looking for the best overall roof boxes? Check out this buying guide.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Can I get a white Thule roof cargo box?

At the current time it would appear that Thule do not carry any of their models in white.

Does a rooftop box affect gas mileage?

Yes fitting a roof box or roof rack will have an affect on your gas mileage. It might increase your fuel costs by anywhere from 10% to 35%. If you want to keep costs down then only fit the cargo box when you really need it!

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