Can a roof box be stolen

Can A Roof Box Be Stolen? Don’t Become A Statistic!


Roof boxes and roof racks are a great way of storing your luggage and equipment. However, they have one major disadvantage: thieves may steal them or your gear from the top of your car. If you want to keep the roof box its contents safe then there are some steps you can take.

Are Roof Boxes Easy To Steal?

It depends on the security features of your roof box and rails. There are many ways in which people can get into your roof box or even just take it off your vehicle without damaging anything inside. A common method used by criminals is to remove the bolts holding on the roof box with bolt cutters.

A thief might also decide to go after the roof bars that the box is attached to.

Roof boxes without locks would also be a prime target for even a casual thief. Thule are one of the best roof box manufacturers and have a wide range of cargo carriers that should suit your needs.

Can Roof Boxes Be Locked?

Yes! Any decent quality roof box will come with some form of locking mechanism to protect your belongings. A good quality lock will deter all but the most determined thieves from trying to break into your cargo box. If you’re in the market for a new roof box and you have concerns about security then try to go for a model with the best locking mechanism.

Can Roof Boxes Be Locked Into The Roof Rack?

Yes – this is possible if you use an appropriate type of locking system. The key thing here is that the locking mechanisms must not interfere with the function of the roof racks themselves. You should always check before buying any product whether it’s compatible with your existing roof rack. Some manufacturers make their own locking systems so compatibility isn’t necessarily guaranteed.

You could also try using a steel-reinforced cable lock to attach the roof box to the roof rack bar.

How To Prevent Your Roof Box From Being Stolen?

Thieves will always look for the easiest option. The harder you can make it for them to steal your possessions the less likely it is you will become a victim of theft. Here are some ideas on how to reduce your risk of becoming a crime statistic and to prevent roof rack theft.

  • Remove your roof box unless you are actually using it to transport something. The thief won be attracted to your roof box if it’s not on your vehicle. It will be much safer in your garage.
  • Make sure that your rails/rack have a quality locking mechanism. No amount of security will stop a truly determined thief but you only need to put a few roadblocks in place in order for most thieves to move on to easier pickings.
  • Add additional locks. You could use some form of locking strap like the Rhino Rack straps. If you apply these tightly to your roof box then it would be difficult for a thief to easily remove them as they are steel reinforced.
  • Mark your roof box. Put a message like “not for sale” or your name or zip code in big bold letters on the roof box. A thief will usually look to sell the box on, often to a second-hand store. There is no way that a store would buy a product with something like that printed on it.
  • Add an alarm. You can buy locks with built-in alarms that you can attach to your rack or roof box. If the thieves attempted to remove the rack or box then the alarm would sound. This will only work while your vehicle is parked but it is unlikely anyone will try to steal cargo boxes from vehicles that are in motion!
  • Avoid leaving your car unattended for long periods. If you do then try to park your vehicle somewhere secure or at the very least in a busy spot with plenty of passers-by. This should put off opportunist thieves from stealing anything.
Bolt cutters
Bolt cutters

Can A Roof Box Be Stolen: Conclusion

Unfortunately, security is an issue that we all have to address. By implementing some of these tips you should minimize the risk of your roof box or belongings being stolen.

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